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The Power of Positive Thinking in Network Marketing


The power of positive thinking in network marketing is a proven cure-all for your business ailments and everyday blues, and here’s why.

Positive thinking is an indispensable tool to online entrepreneurs and especially in network marketing. Network marketers determine their own success, and their ability to make magic happen comes down to one common attribute: they’re all positive people.

The challenge of being and staying positive isn’t just that we’re trying to see the glass as half-full. The challenge is keeping everything in perspective. The best way I’ve seen this described to me is The Feeling Wheel. Its steps are simple but each one is essential to your success.

The Feeling Wheel

  1. Excitement
  2. Doubt
  3. Denial
  4. Recommitment

Let’s take a look at these one at a time.


This is the best part of the wheel. When you first begin your network marketing career you can’t wait to start! You’ve got plans and the world better watch out! Like a kid on the first day of school, you have an optimism and enthusiasm for your day. No one had to get you out of bed this morning because you woke up energized and ready for anything. In fact, you can’t believe you didn’t make this career change sooner. You are invincible. And your LipSense looks awesome.


What could possibly kill that superhero spirit of yours? It’s the same illness that always preys on our confidence:  doubt. When introducing your family, friends, or even near acquaintances with your network marketing business you’re met with negativity, cynicism, and rudeness. They’ve tried direct sales before, and it was such a scam. It sounds like a pyramid scheme. You’re wasting your money. You should get a real job. Your entrepreneurial spirit starts to flicker.

Have you been duped, you wonder? These people you trust don’t trust it, so why should you? This in combination with a lull in your sales, or lack of efforts by you to share your business and products, makes you think…maybe you can’t do this after all.


This is the part of The Feeling Wheel where most people quit. There are points in our lives where we are given the choice:  move on with whole hearts, or quit with whole hearts. Either way, you’re moving on toward an end. The only way to beat this depressive dead-end is to recognize that you’re in Denial, and choose to change your mindset. Each phase of this wheel is entirely determined by you and your ability to conquer your own emotions and choose to keep going past failures until you find success.

“It is what you do when you don’t feel like doing it that makes the difference between success and failure.”


You can choose to reject doubt and to overcome denial. And when you do choose positivity and success you’ve come full-circle to the fourth part of The Feeling Wheel:  Re-Commitment. You begin to make lists again! Always the goal setter, you find your footing and a plan you’ll stick to. Step-by-step, you’ll reach your goals. And you’re back to Excitement!

How do I avoid getting trapped in the feeling wheel?

You can’t. We all have doubts at times, and moments where we’re in denial about why we’re really not seeing the results we want to see. However, we can just as frequently remind ourselves of what motivates us.

  • Dream big!
  • Plan results-oriented actions you can do EVERY DAY to work toward your goal
  • Make small goals that lead to the big one and set dates to when you’ll achieve each one
  • Educate yourself on your business, products, and network marketing-never stop learning
  • Choose at least two mentors, follow them, ask questions, and duplicate what they do
  • Get someone to remind you of your small goals, timeline, and keep you honest
  • Ask for help where and when you need it!

And the biggest secret to the power of positive thinking in network marketing? Realizing when you are in doubt or denial, and bringing yourself out of it by reminding yourself of why you committed in the first place.

Your dream CAN become a reality. With effort, grit, and gumption beauty queen dreams do come true.



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