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The Mission of the Make Sense Foundation is the Giving


The mission of the Make Sense Foundation is the giving. Because cosmetics should go beyond being cruelty-free.

It is good to know that your makeup isn’t tested on animals or made from animal bi-products, but it isn’t enough for cosmetics companies to stop there. Don’t let your beauty products stop performing after proving they’re beautiful. They should have a heart, too.

The mission of SeneGence is more than just high quality makeup I’m proud to put on my shelves. Its non-profit Make Sense Foundation makes a difference in the lives of women and children worldwide.

How Make Sense makes history

The Make Sense Foundation (MSF) is a non-profit organization created by SeneGence founder and CEO Joni Rogers-Kante in 2002 as part of her plan to give back to the community. The mission of the Make Sense Foundation is to help women and children in crisis and its donations directly and positively impact deserving organizations.

What makes SeneGence unique is that its products have amazing claims. If you’re looking for high quality makeup that is made in the United States and is cruelty free, doesn’t include animal bi-products and is both vegan and kosher, SeneGence is your brand! But SeneGence doesn’t just make quality products its priority. It contributes to communities, improves lives, and makes positive impact through the mission of its independent distributors. Independent distributors are given the chance to donate, fundraise, and choose which programs receive the donations.


How Make Sense donates & how you can help

  • Distributors can choose to donate a portion of their product sales to local charities or nominate charities to receive financial support.
  • A portion of the sales from select SeneGence products go to the MSF, to include: SeneDerm SkinCare & SenseCosmetics, LipSense “cause” shades Kiss for a Cause and Lexie Bear-y, and SeneSential Distributor Training Packages.
  • Every new Distributor that joins has made a donation to the Make Sense Foundation! How cool is that?

Who the Make Sense Foundation benefits

The Make Sense Foundation has donated either time, creativity, services, or funds to organizations for women and children in crisis such as:  AAIM, Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, Casa Teresa, Child Advocacy Center, CHOC, Fisher House Helping Military Families, Hillview Acres Children’s Home, and Homeward Bound. To view a comprehensive list of all the organizations The Make Sense Foundation has benefited, view it here The Make Sense Foundation also offers “scholarship award opportunities for outstanding female youth who are college-bound.”

So far, the Make Sense Foundation has donated to organizations from coast to coast, through community fundraiser donations, and through the generosity of its Distributors. Each donation is a blessing to someone and this foundation supports and will continue to support women and children in crisis for years to come.

Learn more about the SeneGence opportunity and Get Started Today.

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