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How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger in MLM – And How to Have Fun Building an Empire


How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger in MLM – And How to Have Fun Building an Empire

Move over, beauty blogger superstars, there’s a new star in the sky! Don’t like being in the spotlight? Better buy a selfie light, because that beautiful blogger behind the screen is about to get a marketing maven makeover. Your MLM company may be your “brand,” but you are your own business owner, and guess what that means? Your brand is YOU.

As for the MLM business itself, you need to choose a company whose products you don’t just stand behind, but whose products you stand FOR. My MLM of choice and friend-for-life is SeneGence International. SeneGence International is an amazing multi level marketing company with the patented 4-18 hour LipSense lip color, a full long-lasting color cosmetics line to match, and some pretty awesome anti-aging skincare and solutions products. It was also built on the mission to provide women with a career that works, which is why I’m able to talk to you today about how to make your own way as a beauty blogger in MLM!

I have written out for you 6 tips to becoming a successful beauty blogger in MLM which I’ll outline in detail. But success all begins with one simple step:  integrating your business to your everyday schedule. How do I do it? I write 300 words a day (if I can do it, so can you!), a single post a week, and I make a video on Saturday to add to my post. The 6 steps below are really just the butter to this bread.

Make it a part of your life and it will have the potential to change your life. Because, after all, we’re all #bossbabes here.
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