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SeneGence Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation Review – Skincare and Makeup in One Step


SeneGence Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation – Skincare and Makeup in One Easy Step

SeneGence Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation is a staple to any makeup bag of tricks. Like all of SeneGence International’s products it is long-lasting, waterproof, multi-purpose, and best of all contains patented anti-aging technology for 24 hour skincare!

This foundation’s list of impressive attributes doesn’t end there. It also has color matching technology, so no matter your shade of choice it will match three shades up or down which means no more guessing! A powerful but comfortable formula, Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation is made of protective ingredients that fight both pollutants and sun damage, while active ingredients keep skin soft, supple, and healthy. It’s skincare and makeup in one step!

I feel like every SeneGence product could begin with the same slogan:  not only is it pretty, it performs! In this review I’ll give an overview of MakeSense Foundation’s color lasting and anti-aging technology, what is in the product, and most importantly how to use this tool to its full potential to create the look that’s perfectly customized to YOU.
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