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Easy Nighttime Skincare Routine – Wake Up To Better Skin


Easy Nighttime Skincare Routine – Wake Up To Better Skin

Why is nighttime skincare so important? We all know why sleep is so important — a full eight hours keeps our bodies and brains more fit, happy, and focused. As it turns out, the effects of sleep on our skin are similar to its effects on our bodies. We can actually wake up with a healthier glow after a night’s rest. What you may not know is that the time before you go to bed is an opportunity to feed your skin cells the stuff they need to optimize healing.
You can repair old skin damage, hydrate dry skin, regulate oil production, prevent acne, minimize pigmentation…the list goes on and so does the list of products to solve them. So where do you begin? With three simple steps: a makeup remover, a facial cleanser, and a moisturizer. These steps will optimize your skin-care routine at night so you can wake up to a happier complexion!
Here’s the breakdown – beginning with the power-packed and patented anti-aging SenePlex Complex.

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