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ShadowSense, the Multi Purpose Eyeshadow


ShadowSense, the multi purpose eyeshadow from SeneGence, is more versatile than any cosmetic product. Ever.

It’s time to make your makeup work for YOU! SeneGence cosmetics aren’t just long lasting, gorgeous, and good for your skin, they are also incredibly customizable. ShadowSense especially is a superstar whose performance includes endless application possibilities.

Start wearing an eyeshadow that outperforms powder, pops your eye color, and can do the job of thirteen products. Yes, thirteen.

Once trying ShadowSense, I’ve never gone back to powders. I’ve also used it for all of the following.

The many ways to wear ShadowSense

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Eye liner
  • Lash builder
  • Mascara
  • Tight lining
  • Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Brow filler



These shadows are long-lasting, anti-aging, crease-proof, water resistant, and like everything SeneGence, they’re blendable for endless custom color options!

How to wear ShadowSense

ShadowSense is a fast-drying cream to powder, so you can’t just start applying it like powder products. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it down there will be no going back, I promise!

All you need to know for perfect application is that it blends perfectly and dries pretty fast. Apply with doe-foot applicator directly to eye area, or use a brush. I use the applicator and then blend with a brush. Here are quick steps I use when doing my everyday eye makeup look using ShadowSense. It only takes me about 3 minutes to do both eyes.


  1. When applying, put down a base color like Candlelight or Sandstone Pearl. let this base coat dry.
  2. Put on your crease color. Blend and place exactly where you like it. You’ll notice it goes on much smoother and more pigmented than powder.
  3. Put on your lid color & blend, then your inner corner color & blend (do these very close together so they’re both wet and blend better).
  4. Put on an outer corner color to add depth & shape into a V for definition.
  5. Add eyeliner & mascara, and DONE!

ShadowSense Matte, Shimmer, and Shine

ShadowSense comes in 21 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades. If you want to make your own shimmer shades, just add Silver Shine, and voila! It’s kind of like pixie dust in a bottle. Apply ShadowSense Shine over any matte shade to transform your look with its frosted shimmer. Add a little or a lot of shine and give your favorite shade a new look or wear it alone for a natural-looking glow.

The science behind ShadowSense

ShadowSense is a scientific marvel not only for its long-lasting capabilities but also for its anti-aging formula, kudos to what’s called the SeneDerm SkinCare System’s SenePlex Complex, which offers yet another layer of skincare to the eye area, which as we know is very delicate and prone to wrinkling.

ShadowSense ingredients

The stuff of dreams. Just kidding. It’s actually made with high-quality, anti-aging skincare. Here is a list of its ingredients.

  • SenePlex Complex:  kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal by 23.3%
  • orchid-extractCymbidium Grandifloum (Orchid) Flower Extract: a plant native to the South Pacific which has long been used in emollient products. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that provides free-radical protection, maximum moisture, and effective sunscreen.
  • Algae (Seaweed) Extract: hydrates, protects skin from the sun, and softens the skin. It is essential in penetrating the top layer of skin and enhances the skin’s ability to heal itself.
  • Tocopheryl (and Tocopheryl Acetate): Vitamin E, is a powerful anti-oxidant shown to inhibit skin cancer, aid in the healing of skin ailments, and is a dynamic weapon against premature aging by combating wrinkles, neutralizing free radicals, and stopping the chain reaction of molecular damage.
  • Retinyl Palmitate: increases skin elasticity and is known for its cellular renewal properties that speed up exfoliation to reveal younger, plumper skin cells. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin irregularities like pigmented spots as well as slowing down skin aging and reducing the number and depth of wrinkles.
  • Yeast Extract: a source of folic acid (a member of the vitamin B complex) aids in formation of new, healthy tissues, and promotes new cell formation.
  • Glucosamine HCL: enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen.

ShadowSense is definitely a WOW product, but it isn’t the only one in the SeneGence playbook. They don’t kid about being the best, and the career option is just as WOW-worthy!

Learn more about how your makeup can start working for YOU and Get Started!

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    July 18, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    What is this shimmer you wrote about? I’m on the product page to order and don’t see either item listed anywhere….”you want to make your own shimmer shades, just add Silver Shine, and voila! It’s kind of like pixie dust in a bottle. Apply ShadowSense Shine over any matte shade to transform your look with its frosted shimmer. ” I cannot find anything called Silver Shine or ShadowSense Shine anywhere on the ordering list. Please help. :):)

    • Reply
      September 11, 2017 at 4:06 am

      I am so sorry since this was published it’s been discontinued! There are some shimmer shades that all have “shimmer” in the title, but Silver Shine is no more. 🙁

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