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SeneGence International Opportunity and Business Review – a Leader’s Look at the Financial Opportunity


SeneGence International Opportunity and Business Review – a Leader’s Look at the Financial Opportunity

If you haven’t heard of SeneGence International, you’re behind the curve. SeneGence is garnering a lot of hype lately and because of its massive, explosive growth it has been making waves in the MLM community. And it’s no wonder why! SeneGence International’s full line of long lasting color cosmetics and anti-aging skincare are the best, and women are finally hearing about it on the internet. And they’re making money on it, too. Quite a bit of money. In fact, in the last quarter, SeneGence International has grown by 800%! The sales of January 2017 alone exceeded sales of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 25% of 2016! SeneGence has, as a result, multiplied its manufacturing capacity by 6 times. SeneGence has definitely hit momentum and they’re ramping up for a 10 billion dollar year this year. With a B!

Why such rapid growth? Not only are women everywhere learning about this lip color that stays on all day, they are also learning about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they’re jumping on board to the tune of about 1,000 distributors a day. Sound staggering? Don’t be deterred by this growth and think that the rising competition will be bad for you and your business. After all, if 1,000 women are going to join tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, why wouldn’t you want those girls to be signing up underneath YOU?

In this review I will give you an overview of what makes SeneGence special, how its products differ from the competition, and give you a leader’s look into the business opportunity of SeneGence International.

What Is SeneGence International?

Lots of excitement and massive growth certainly is exciting, but it also begs the question:  is the SeneGence International business opportunity legitimate? What is this direct sales magic, anyway? Let’s take a look.

SeneGence International is a direct sales or multi level marketing cosmetics company that has been in business since as early as the year 1999. The company was founded by Joni Rae Rogers-Kante, and it is currently based out of Irvine, California in the United States. SeneGence International has a full line of long-lasting color cosmetics and anti-aging skincare and the mission they were founded on is to empower women by offering them products and a business opportunity that really work. In other words, SeneGence was made to offer quality products and an opportunity for women to make a lucrative living selling the products that they love.

This probably sounds like the perfect opportunity for any independent woman looking for their breakout entrepreneur opportunity to make a lot of money online and play with makeup in the process. You’re not wrong. But let’s take a closer look into SeneGence International and see just what it is that it has to offer – through both its products and its opportunity.

What Will I Be Selling With SeneGence International?

Let’s review the product line that SeneGence offers and go over what they offer and what women are buying so fast that they can’t keep it in stock!

SeneGence International focuses on selling products in the niches of personalized, highly pigmented, and long-lasting color cosmetics as well as anti-aging skincare and solutions products. In fact, the anti-aging skincare (including their patented SenePlex complex, an active enzyme which renews skin 23.3% faster) is in the cream cosmetics, too! It’s no wonder these products are popular with women of all ages, who instead of aging their skin with powder makeup products every day, are wearing makeup that forms a shield from the sun, moisturizes, reverses damage, and renews their skin as they wear it. It’s 24 hour skincare. Who wouldn’t want that? You see their growth dilemma yet? How about their opportunity? Hold on, we’ll get to what this means for their opportunity next.

Let’s wrap up this products overview with what makes the products so special.

  1. Made in the USA
  2. waterproof/water resistant
  3. a mechanical shield from the sun
  4. smudge-proof
  5. blendable/customizable
  6. vegan
  7. kosher
  8. wax-free
  9. lead-free
  10. contain no animal bi-products
  11. cruelty-free
  12. long lasting (LipSense patented lip color stays on for 4-18 hours!)
  13. anti-aging (contains patented SenePlex complex which renews skin cells 23.3% faster!)

What is the Compensation Plan For SeneGence International?

SeneGence International has proven its products are worth their weight, and have earned their place at the round table of direct sales beauty royalty. But what about their compensation plan?

To become a “qualified distributor” (aka one who earns a commission) you must place your first product order through the company’s website of 300pv or more. 300 pv is the equivalent of $600. Because SeneGence International does business in other countries, this points value system evens the playing field to allow distributors around the world to earn commissions at the same rate. Once this order has gone through, you will then be considered an active distributor for the company.

There are three primary ways to earn money as a distributor for SeneGence International.

  1. Sales income:  when you purchase products from the company website, you buy them at wholesale pricing, which is 20-50% off. Once you receive your products, you then sell them at full retail prices and pocket the difference. The amount of money you can earn here is entirely dependent on what products you’re selling and the volume of your product, but the maximum commission you can earn is 50%.
  2. Downline commissions: earn between 5% to 30% of orders your downline places. Your downline consists of anyone who signs as an independent distributor under your Distributor ID #, five levels deep. You’ll be able to earn more here as you get more individuals to join that downline of yours, so recruiting others to join you (as in any multi level marketing business) will also allow you to increase your earning potential.
  3. Group sales commissions:  if you and your group are able to meet various conditions (i.e. you have at least 5 on that “line” of distributors and all including you must place a 300pv order that month), you can earn generous commission bonuses which range from 2% to 10% of your total group sales volume. In other words, you’re incentivized to get your “team” of distributors to sell as much as they possibly can so you can all earn the best commission bonus.

What is the Membership Fee for SeneGence International?your-lipsense

In order to become an independent distributor for SeneGence International, you’ll first need to join the company through their website. The sign-up fee is $55, the exact equivalent of a lips kit (LipSense, LipSense Gloss, and an Ooops Remover). That’s it. There are no order requirements and you aren’t going to be forced to sell or punished for not selling. There is no auto ship, monthly membership fees, and as long as you choose to stay active from year to year and place the qualifying orders yourself to earn your commissions, the team you build will continue to amplify your residual income to awesome, soaring heights.

How do I Get Started?

SeneGence International is a ship set toward success, and I want you to be on it! If 1,000 distributors are signing up every day, don’t let someone else sign them up, it should be you!! Get started on the dreams of entrepreneurship, residual income, and that bigger, better life.

YOU have the potential to do this business and to do it BIG. Yes, I’m talking to you. I will teach you, both online and how to build your business, earn residual income, and start building the future you deserve starting TODAY. Whatever your “why” is, I know you have one. It’s time you put that imagination to work and start #reachingforthecrown!

Click Here to join my opportunity! (& Type in my name Jade Faith or Distributor ID #206596)

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