Become a SeneGence Independent Distributor

Why Become a SeneGence Independent Distributor?

SeneGence isn’t a job, it’s an OPPORTUNITY. It can give you a hobby, a residual income, or you can allow it to change your life.

For the sake of simplicity (which I believe in whole-heartedly) let’s review the benefits.

  • 20-50% commission on all product sales
  • 20-50% discount
  • Group sales commission
  • No monthly minimums OR Auto-Ship
  • Earn trips to exotic locations through the annual LIPS Trip
  • Win your own car with the SeneCar earning program
  • Create your own LipSense shade with the Make it Mine contest
  • Join the SeneSisterhood and make friends all over the world!
  • Products CAN be sold through salons/boutiques

Let’s look at these a little bit closer, in the spotlight they deserve.

senegence-products20-50% commission on all product sales

When you order as an Independent Distributor, or Personal Use Distributor (same thing, only you’ve joined just to enjoy the awesome discounts) you can get anywhere from 20% off (with a small order) or 50% off (with an order of 300pv–or $600–or larger, if you’re in your first 90 days). You don’t have to order in large amounts, but if you do, you’re rewarded with a pretty awesome discount.

Group sales commission

If you decide to do this as the awesome career option it is, you can grow a team of other motivated, entrepreneurial spirits. And once this team has five women on it, you start earning a group sales commission on the orders they’re making. Permanently. Not only this, but if there are five women underneath that “first line,” you earn on them, too. This group sales commission goes all the way to your fifth line!

No monthly minimums OR Auto-Ship

Some MLM companies require you to purchase a certain amount per month or sign up for a bulk of product to be purchased and sent to your door every month, whether you’re selling it or not. SeneGence does not require you to purchase ANY amount of product. Your purchases are up to you! You are also not penalized for not selling.

costa-rica-lips-tripEarn trips to exotic locations through the annual LIPS Trip

The LIPS Trip is an awesome, fun, all-expenses paid trip to an exotic location that changes yearly. You can earn the trip by growing your team by adding first line distributors. Each new recruit earns you points toward your trip, and if they take advantage of the company’s Fast Start program, there are even more points earned. Want to bring your spouse? Points earned on your second line can win you a second ticket! Want to know where they go? In 2014, they went to Switzerland, 2015 to Rome, 2016 to the Bahamas, and 2017 is Costa Rica!

Win your car with the SeneCar earning program

Through personal and your first & second downline sales you can become eligible to receive an allowance toward lease payments on a car! You choose your car, and you choose your (SeneGence) blue!

Create your own LipSense shade with the Make it Mine contest

Sponsor new distributors during the contest duration to earn an unlimited amount of “tickets” in the raffle for the Make it Mine contest. If you win, you get to make, and name, your very own LipSense shade!

Join the SeneSisterhood and make friends all over the world!

SeneGence is a network of powerful, motivated women who are dedicated to inspiring others to do what we do:  live and love in abundance! I’ve met some of the most giving souls in this company and I have no fears of the negative “keep to your own business” attitude that network marketing companies often get labeled with. And they’re not just selling, networking, and making friends, they’re kicking butt doing it.

Products CAN be sold through salons/boutiques

Believe it or not, you can sell your products through independent salons and boutiques, and recruit them as your downline distributors. If you’re a salon or boutique owner, even better for you! As a small business owner AND SeneGence Independent Distributor, you’ll be pulling in extra income through SeneGence product sales that can supplement, equal, or out-earn your small business income!

Why choose SeneGence over other MLM companies?

SeneGence products are the best. Period. Other companies CANNOT compare because SeneGence products are patented and cannot be copied. The anti-aging SenePlex complex that is in everything from the eyeshadows to the skincare and the jaw-dropping color lasting technology of LipSense is a caliber only SeneGence can create!

Why consider direct sales or network marketing?

become-a-senegence-independent-distributorBE YOUR OWN BOSS and determine your own income

Why become a SeneGence Independent Distributor? Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to hire yourself and determine your own future, future income, hours, lifestyle, vacation days, and HAVE FUN doing what you love then Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Multi-Level-Marketing is for you! What are you waiting for? Be your own #BossBabe. Not sure how or where to begin? That’s why you have a Sponsor, and I’m here to help.

Join my Team of awesome women and start sharing the good news of SeneGence today!

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