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Purchasing Wholesale or Retail – How to Instantly Save Money On Your Makeup


Purchasing Wholesale or Retail – How to Instantly Save Money On Your Makeup

SeneGence has an amazing array of long lasting color cosmetics and anti aging skincare. Now, the choice is yours: purchase products as a customer at retail, or become a distributor and purchase at wholesale.

Becoming a SeneGence customer means you have your own distributor who can get you the products, make suggestions, teach you how to use them, and tell you whenever new products and colors come out, all while providing personalized customer service! There’s a reason direct sales cosmetics is successful…it rocks!

But. If you choose to become a distributor yourself, not only are the discounts yours, the residual income and rewards are a potential life changer! Here’s a run-down of the choice SeneGence gives you, and what each one means.

Three choices when becoming a SeneGence Independent Distributor:

1. Purchase products for personal use at a discount of 20% to 50% off

2. Build a retail business, earning 20-50% of retail sales

3. Share the SeneGence business concept and sponsor others into the company, developing a team and enjoying residual income through commissions of 10-30% of wholesale orders

You choose…wholesale discounts…retail sales profits…residual income

Ether way, you’re going to need to make some room because SeneGence is going to give you a seriously enviable makeup collection!

As a new Independent Distributor, your first 90 days are critical. It is within your first 90 days you enjoy the best discounts, get the option to earn free products, and get the best perks for growing a team. What are these perks? See my page on it here. Just a sneak preview: it involves discounts, cars, trips, and life changing commissions!

wholesale-or-retailWhat to Do in Your First 90 days

Build Your Own Kit

Since SeneGence is growing SO fast and is very busy filling orders and becoming a household name, their kits are temporarily unavailable. However, women are finding huge success by living the business mantra of selling what is in stock now. For example, you can build your own kit by ordering a few of five different LipSense colors, Glossy Gloss, and Ooops Removers to sell as LipSense collections to jump start your business! Don’t forget some applicators so you can show off your testers to wow your customers. Once they see the product and try it on – whether their lips or on their hand and see its staying power, they’ll fall in love.

Get 50% Off – in Your First and After!

To get 50% off, purchase 750 point value or “pv” of products at retail and receive 750pv, meaning a 750pv order is 750 plus tax and shipping. Your discounts START at 20% and rise to 50% depending on how much pv you order that month. This is why so many women are jumping on this opportunity to save money on their makeup! Where else will you have the option to buy your makeup at 50% off? Pretty awesome!

Earn SeneBucks Toward Your Next Purchase

Earn 50 SeneBucks each time you get a Qualified Distributor you sponsor in your first 90 days. To become qualified, they just have to place their own 300pv cumulative order in their first 30 days!

Becoming a Personal Use Distributor

If instead of being a customer or independent distributor, you’d like to order for yourself at a discount, you can join as a personal use distributor. This is the same process as signing up as a distributor. As a distributor OR personal use distributor you can take advantage of all the perks, with no negative consequences. There are no purchase requirements, and no negatives if you don’t sell the product. You can just sign up for $55, the same price as a LipSense Collection, and start ordering product for yourself at the same discount as you would an independent distributor! And, if you decide to sell the product later or your friends and family want to purchase, they can get it through you!

Regardless if you choose to build your own business or buy for yourself, you’ll receive a New Distributor Kit in the mail that will provide the literature, a flash drive, and other product and business opportunity information and dvds — any and everything you’ll need to know as you begin!

However, there is also a wealth of free information for you now in the “Back Office” of the SeneGence website you can reach here. This is where you can get product knowledge, keep up with upcoming events, order products, and research business resources!

As Your Sponsor or Upline:

I am ready to help you realize your goals

Product knowledge is my specialty, so ask your questions!

I am happy to and ready to help you build your business!


Ready, Set, Makeup!

Click Here to join as an independent distributor or personal use distributor! (& Type in my name Jade Faith or Distributor ID #206596)

OR, I’d be happy to be your SeneGence distributor!

Click Here to visit my shop!


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