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Choosing Your Career as an Online Entrepreneur


Choosing your career as an online entrepreneur is a scenic route but is well worth the journey.

Whether you’re looking for a career change or you’re just curious about how to earn a residual income online, starting a home based business by blogging is the answer to both. Choosing your career as an online entrepreneur is the best thing you’ll do all day. You’ve already taken the activation energy to look for opportunity and be receptive to change.

Once you begin your online businesses, especially your blog, you can build a residual income online that can supplement your job or build you the career you’ve always been looking for. Now is the moment where you reach Eureka.

Being teachable has saved my butt more than once. Though my life has taken a messy route because of it. I don’t have a linear story leading to entrepreneurship and online beauty blogger because every time I’ve come across change, I’ve made the practical decision.

I’ve chosen practicality over passion for the better part of three decades and it’s all to avoid that big nasty f-word:  failure. Every time life’s challenges came knocking I went back to my old bad habit of scurrying to avoid the confrontation. What could I do to prevent the bad from happening, I wondered?

This had been my practice for years. And so, with a little hard-learned perspective from a jaunt in and out of the United States military and under the tutelage of some life-imprinting mentors, I’ve let life teach me a new lesson and come to a new conclusion:  I’ve spent too much time not pursuing my passion.

Change is necessary. People need it.

I learned to thrive on change and the challenges it brings because I accept that change will happen regardless of my feelings about it. There is a reason the military values those with an ability to adapt to change, and that is that life inevitably will stress us out and we need to be prepared to roll with the punches.

The online entrepreneur especially must learn to dodge, weave, and adapt. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about how to start a business online, blogging, or beauty. You just have to be teachable.

Before you begin to worry that becoming an online entrepreneur will mean a giant time and money suck, I’ll remind you that I’m not writing this to spread malcontent. I’m offering a solution. For me, being an online entrepreneur, work from home writer, blogger, and more specifically a SeneGence Independent Distributor, is my passion. Becoming an online entrepreneur is what I’m building my “after” into and I will build upon this watershed, encouraging its division, until it becomes the ocean of opportunity that it’s capable of becoming. And here’s how that lifestyle can do the same for you.

You don’t have to be a creative writer to blog. If you’ve ever made a social media account you understand how this works. People want to know how you’re doing. We are social creatures. Blogging is an extension of the answer to “Hey, how are you?!”

It can be a line of communication and an outlet for what you love. I choose to blog to share the opportunity of becoming an online entrepreneur with others because blogging works. It is beautiful, freeing, and fun to work for yourself and there’s no doggone reason you can’t be doing what I’m doing. None.

The obstacle that trips us up in life and results in our failure to choose passion over practicality is simple and it is the same.

We are bucking against the change. I am here to tell you that you can change your life into a before and after and once you begin to accept the responsibility that comes with the follow-through, you will prosper from your passion. Be teachable, and enjoy the journey.

Join my opportunity & get started today.

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