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How to Work from Home as a Stay at Home Mom


If you are wondering how to work from home as a stay at home mom, a career in SeneGence is for you and here’s why.

SeneGence didn’t just patent the best lip color ever. They also specialize in self-made millionaires. Founder Joni Rogers-Kante, super woman CEO, decided to pioneer her own direct sales company with better products and an even better compensation plan. Now mothers not only have LipSense, a lipstick which doesn’t come off when we kiss our babies, we can also have an incredibly substantial career from home by becoming independent distributors.

SeneGence is a company founded on the belief in products and a career that really work. Its long lasting makeup and anti-aging skincare have no peer, and the career is nothing to shake a stick at. In fact, this company is taking off like wildfire! People are buying its products so fast they’re actually building a new distribution center this year in Oklahoma. SeneGence is becoming a household name and here’s how you can use it to work from your household.

How SeneGence as a career can work for you

FAMILY-CENTERED:  SeneGence understands moms

My family is the reason for everything I do. They’re my motivation and my happy thought, and they will always be what drives me to want to work for myself and build the life for my family that they truly deserve. By owning my own business as an Independent Distributor for SeneGence, I am investing in my family’s future and setting the example that anything is possible with will power and work ethic.

FLEXIBILITY:  The freedom of direct sales allows you to stay at home with your little ones

You can advertise, sell, ship, and train FROM HOME. SeneGence sets you up for success. With your New Distributor Kit you get all the product knowledge, training, and introduction to Direct Sales as a career from owner and founder Joni Rogers-Kante herself.

work-from-home-as-a-stay-at-home-momGROWTH:  You choose how much and how fast you want to grow your business

Only have a few spare hours a week? Optimize them by building your business, one brick of mortar at a time, without suffering major consequences. How do you do this? Through content marketing, educated efforts, and being efficient with your time. Don’t know how? That’s where I come in.

AFFORDABILITY:  You don’t have to eat debt to start your own business

With SeneGence you are your own business owner. You don’t have to buy a storefront, hire staff, or stock up. And there are NO minimum order requirements, forced auto ship subscriptions, or steep start up prices. It’s $55 to become an independent distributor, and with this subscription you can immediately begin ordering at wholesale amounts, saving up to 50% off, which means 50% commission made for you.

PART TIME HOURS with FULL TIME PAY:  You can take part time hours and turn it into an empire of income

Two women have just made the highest rank of Empress (for the first time in 17 years) and most of the highest ranking in the company have been in the company less than 2 years. See the top earners in the company here. With SeneGence, YOU determine how big and how fast you grow by working smarter, not harder. If you create good content, provide great customer service, and stay teachable, you WILL make your mark with SeneGence. And the crown doesn’t hurt.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS:  You determine your income and you make the rules

Salaries determine how much you’re “worth,” but with SeneGence you can build a client base and team of distributors that will eventually earn you a side income that will start growing on its own, with less maintenance than it was to “raise it” up from the ground floor. Direct sales is designed for the self-motivated, like us moms with no time for nonsense.

IN SUMMARY:  You wanted to know how to work from home as a stay at home mom? The answer to your query is pretty simple.

  • SeneGence as a career works because people want these products! 98% of women who try it, buy it.
  • SeneGence has a generous compensation plan. Grow your team to create a residual income other companies can’t beat.
  • A career in direct sales creates freedom, flexibility, and income unlike any other career out there.

Don’t wait to afford giving your family the life they deserve, and don’t wait for your self-fulfilling career any longer.

Get started today. I’d love to show you the way.


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