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How to Use Cream to Powder Eyeshadows


How to Use Cream to Powder Eyeshadows

If you’re wondering how to use cream to powder eyeshadows, you are probably a powder girl. So, why use cream eyeshadows? Because they’re amazing and here’s why you should make the switch!

Cream eyeshadows are easy to apply, heavily pigmented, and once dried they set and stay on all day! And the best part about them? With SeneGence ShadowSense, they’re also crease proof, water proof, and anti-aging! Here’s how you should wear them.

Easy 4-Steps to my everyday eye look using SeneGence ShadowSense:

1. Start with a base coat color:  this will help even out redness, dark circles, and brighten the eye area.

2. Apply inner corner/all over lid color

3. Apply crease color and blend

4. Apply outer corner and under eye color and blend

*Use ShadowSense as eyeliner, too! Cream to powder ShadowSense is a perfect eyeliner, too and once drawn on with a brush or with the doe-foot applicator, it is set and won’t budge all day, either.

First Step

The first step to wearing cream eyeshadows is usually an eye primer to help prevent creasing, improve color pigment, and help with wear time. But SeneGence ShadowSense don’t require an eye primer. Let me say that again:  you don’t need an eye primer! Why? Because SeneGence ShadowSense applies as a cream and dries to a powder, where it sets in place all day without moving, creasing, fading, wearing off due to oil, sweat, rain, or even the swimming pool. Yep!

How to Apply

ShadowSense cream to powder eyeshadows are sold as single shadows in tubes with a doe foot applicator so the brave and talented (or just the bold!) can use them directly on your eye and draw them on or place them there and then blend them out with a brush. Synthetic brushes are best for cream shadows, as they wet the brushes and synthetic bristles shed less.

Dry Time

You have about a minute or so to blend colors before they set to a powder. So if you’re new to ShadowSense I recommend doing one eye at a time. Once you’ve got your easy everyday routine down, both eyes at once is no problem. Some ladies let them dry on purpose and then layer and blend. I like to blend before everything dries, but it’s an art, not a science so wearer’s choice!

Budget Friendly

As a powder palette girl, single shadows may be something you’d never consider buying before. If single shadows are unfamiliar to you like they were to me, I can ease your worries that they’ll be too expensive. Single shadows are a better buy because you are choosing a color that you’ll LOVE instead of a pricey palette you only love a few colors from, and each tube will last you about 5-6 months even if you use the same color every day!

all-that-glittersCustom Colors

Custom shades available, and are only limited by your own imagination. So blend, girl, blend! Blend any ShadowSense shades together or mix with Pearlizer or Silver Shine for an extra glow or glitter. Mix Snow ShadowSense with your MakeSense foundation for the perfect no budge, custom under eye concealer. Or mix them to make a custom eyebrow filler, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, contour, or highlight. There are no rules!

Matte or Shimmer

Whether you prefer no shine or you put glitter in everything, there’s a ShadowSense shade for you. There are matte shades, shimmer shades, and an amazing invention called Silver Shine which, when mixed with any matte shade, instantly makes it a shimmer! Or if used on its own is a beautiful sheer highlight or glitter atop your matte shadow. It is straight up pixie dust and I can’t live without it. Even though I use the Shimmer ShadowSense every day, I add Silver Shine to my inner corners daily.

Anti Aging

If you didn’t already know, all of SeneGence cream cosmetics products have patented SenePlex Complex anti-aging skincare in them! SenePlex Complex fights signs of aging by renewing your skin cells an average 23.3% faster and if regularly used leads to improvements in:  skin smoothness, hydration, elasticity, luminosity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and increases collagen synthesis. SenePlex Complex skincare is a cult favorite for a reason.

Now, how do you buy these beauties?

Visit my SHOP to make a purchase! Solve all your shadow woes and try out these gorgeous cream to powder shadows for yourself!



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