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How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger in MLM – And How to Have Fun Building an Empire


How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger in MLM – And How to Have Fun Building an Empire

Move over, beauty blogger superstars, there’s a new star in the sky! Don’t like being in the spotlight? Better buy a selfie light, because that beautiful blogger behind the screen is about to get a marketing maven makeover. Your MLM company may be your “brand,” but you are your own business owner, and guess what that means? Your brand is YOU.

As for the MLM business itself, you need to choose a company whose products you don’t just stand behind, but whose products you stand FOR. My MLM of choice and friend-for-life is SeneGence International. SeneGence International is an amazing multi level marketing company with the patented 4-18 hour LipSense lip color, a full long-lasting color cosmetics line to match, and some pretty awesome anti-aging skincare and solutions products. It was also built on the mission to provide women with a career that works, which is why I’m able to talk to you today about how to make your own way as a beauty blogger in MLM!

I have written out for you 6 tips to becoming a successful beauty blogger in MLM which I’ll outline in detail. But success all begins with one simple step:  integrating your business to your everyday schedule. How do I do it? I write 300 words a day (if I can do it, so can you!), a single post a week, and I make a video on Saturday to add to my post. The 6 steps below are really just the butter to this bread.

Make it a part of your life and it will have the potential to change your life. Because, after all, we’re all #bossbabes here.

sisterhoodHow to Have Fun Building an Empire – Choose Your Audience and They’ll Turn into a Sisterhood

A beauty blog is the best foundation to build an MLM empire because a blog allows you the ownership of and real-estate for your own content. Yay you! You’ve taken the awesome first essential step. Now, since both MLM and beauty blogs are all about creating trust and building relationships, you have to build an audience.

SeneGence International is an MLM famous for its supportive “SeneSisterhood” because its Independent Distributors don’t have a nasty competitive bone in their bodies – we only profit from each other’s success, rather than being injured by it. Other MLM companies have rules that don’t allow team members to out-earn you, so once they hit a certain rank they break off from your team and you no longer make money from their downline. In SeneGence International, your team is yours for life. You will grow with your team and they will grow with you, and this builds that necessary environment of trust.

How do you choose your audience? By being conscious about the quality of your content, by being conscious about where and when you share it, and by conversing with those that ask for your help, advice, or who just simply spark up a conversation with you. It’s simple! Do this, and these women won’t just be customers, they’ll be loyal friends for life. It only requires you to be genuine and consistent. It’s really not hard, I promise!

Understand That it Takes Time and Commitment – Ain’t Nothin’ In This World For Free!

Success takes time. Sorry for the bad news but your favorite bloggers, YouTubers, and Social Media starlets weren’t famous overnight. They built a loyal following over time by putting out quality content consistently and over time people started to notice. The good news is you can do the same thing! The better news is that by doing it through MLM you not only build your following, you build an empire!

Also, the time required to make that “castle in the sky” can be shortened! How? By consistent efforts and commitment to your dream. Take the time to build your business by creating this quality, “evergreen” content that will be useful to your readers or viewers one month, one year, even five years down the road. And then you need to share this content to the right audience through your blog, social media, and YouTube channel. Truly commit yourself to your message and the success will be a happy side effect. Because if blogging wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t be doing it in the first place, right?

Invest – Yep, Quality Costs $

The best blogging platforms like WordPress (which I highly recommend) costs money, hosting your own domain costs money, and often the beautiful and customized themes cost money. But also, it costs to begin a business in MLM which you’ll be running from this blog as well. How much money you invest in your MLM business is up to you, and there are ways of ordering that will save you from buying from your own purse and getting reimbursed later, but in general most MLM business owners keep some stock on hand, which will cost you.

Just keep in mind, being a business owner means spending money to make money and MLM is an incredibly smart alternative to starting any other traditional business on your own. The products are already formulated, marketed, and available for you. You just have to share the amazing products you have. So don’t be discouraged! There are affordable ways to make your way in this business, and a blog (though it costs to begin) is going to be an incredible investment for your long term goal of building your beauty blog empire in MLM.

potential-customerQuality, Not Quantity – The “Why” Matters to You, and It’ll Matter to Your Followers, Too

A big fear of prospects of this business is that they don’t want to appear “salesy”. They get a bad taste in their mouth for MLM because it makes them think of door-to-door salesmen or those unwanted adds all over their social media feeds. The thing is, women LOVE to shop, but they hate being sold to. So what is the solution? Quality products and personalized service. How do you get them to become customers in order to provide them with your quality products and personalized service? By creating personalized content to draw them in. As I said in the beginning, your brand is YOU. Your potential customers or recruits want to see how these products work for you, what it can do for them, and all of that comes down to creating quality blog posts. See it all coming together yet?

The Technical Side – How to Be a Lifelong Learner

If you don’t know how to build a blog through WordPress or how or when to share your posts, there are so many resources out there to learn! Don’t let yourself get away a day without learning something new. It all comes back to investing your time into your business, and this means investing in the time it will take to learn these new platforms. This means investing in the time it will take to learn how to film videos and make blog posts and even how to use your products in the first place. And lastly it will take time to learn the skill of time management itself, and how to fit this new blogger lifestyle into your weekly schedule.

Networking – This is Network Marketing, After All!

Build your network and not only will your business flourish, you’ll see your blog blossom, too! Network in person and share the good word of your beauty blog. I know if I found out a friend had a beauty blog I’d already be on that boat! Your personal network is a great place to start. But networks are also built online, by staying active and generous with your own comments and interactions with your subscribers as well as those whom YOU admire. If you take the time to read and comment on others’ content, eventually they’ll notice you, too. Beauty blogging as well as MLM are both businesses built on relationship-making and trust. Don’t forget to give to get and always stay grateful and you’ll soon be on your way to that bigger, better, more beautiful life, too!

Until then,

Subscribe to my newsletter, keep that content coming, and have fun building your empire by becoming a successful beauty blogger in MLM!

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