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How to Get LipSense To Stay On – LipSense Tips and Tricks


How to Get LipSense To Stay On – LipSense Tips and Tricks

LipSense is the wunderkind of liquid lip colors. It is a patented formula that bonds to the lips, seals with a gloss, and keeps lips moisturized, protected, and most importantly – pretty – all day! But it’s not just a 3-trick pony, it also stays on for 4-18 hours. And whether you’re the gal who gets 4 hours of wear or 24, you can get value out of these tips to make it last even longer!

First things first:  all good LipSense wearer secrets begin with application.

Although every LipSense comes with specific directions on the tube and likely also from your Independent Distributor (me!), I want to first make sure to go over exactly how to apply your LipSense because there’s a slight learning curve and even LipSense veterans like myself had to take a few tries to troubleshoot and get the longest wear time. Here are the tips and tricks I have learned over time that make LipSense even more amazing!

lipsense-colorsPre-Application Tips

Tip 1: LipSense lasts longest on healthy lips. If your lips are dry, cracked, damaged, or peeling LipSense will still “stick” but it will bond to the outer, damaged layer or wax and if your skin is peeling, so will the LipSense. How to fix it? Seal in the moisture with LipSense during the day, the LipSense balm at night, and re gloss throughout the day. And exfoliate! Before I apply my LipSense, I like to scrub them with a microfiber cloth.  You could also make your own lip scrub with LipSense lip balm, coconut oil, or SeneGence body butter, and sugar, or use a separate tooth brush for this purpose. Exfoliated and moisturized lips are healthy and healthy lips love LipSense and will hold the color longer!

Tip 2: LipSense lasts longest on dry lips. Before putting on your LipSense wipe your lips dry and clean of any gloss, balm, other makeup, or any moisture.

Tip 3: Shake your tube of LipSense! (Shake it good) LipSense pigment is suspended in cosmetic grade alcohol, which is anti-bacterial and thinner than water. So pigments must be shaken to disperse and give you the best color result.

All right, let’s break this down and learn how to apply LipSense. I’m going to be using Sheer Berry and Glossy Gloss.

Application Directions


Step 1: Start at one corner of your upper lip and draw an outline up to your cupid’s bow.

Step 2: If needed, get more color on your applicator and then fill in the center of your lips and then draw down to the other corner.


Step 3: Fill in the center/waterline of your upper lip – in one fluid motion.

You know when you draw with a dry erase marker?  If you go over the same spot twice, the first layer will lift a little bit?  It’s very similar with LipSense.  Try not to go back and forth or it will erase and uneven layers are harder to fill in!

outline bottom lip

Step 4: Get more color on your applicator and draw from corner to corner on the outside of your bottom lip.


Step 5: Fill in the center/waterline of your bottom lip.

Step 6: Let this first layer dry COMPLETELY before applying your second and third layer.  Just like the tip above of not going back and forth with the applicator while applying, do not try layer 2 or 3 before the previous layer is dry, or it will erase some of the color.  It takes layers around 5 seconds to dry but with thicker, more pigmented formulas of LipSense colors it may take longer (15-30 seconds).


Then you’re going to REPEAT that 2 more times!  You can use different colors to make a three-color customized or two-color customized color, but you NEED three layers of product. Which brings me to the next part: LipSense Tricks.

Not So Tricky Tricks

Trick 1: LipSense is worn in 3 layers. Not 2 and not 1. If you wear less than 3 layers your LipSense will definitely not look the color it is supposed to or last as long as the product promises. That is because the first layer is broken down by your body’s pH throughout the day, and since it is actually bonded to your skin it reacts to your skin. The third layer is broken down over time by the elements, what you eat, your saliva, and the friction of your lips when you talk or rub them together. The second layer helps buffer between the outer and inner layer to protect the wear time, color pigment, and protection from the elements like the sun. It only works this way in all three layers.

Trick 2: Stay away from waxy chapsticks and lipsticks and Vaseline. If you are used to wearing chapstick and Vaseline or other waxy lipsticks, you will go through an exfoliation process which may take a couple weeks. This is the process of your lips healing from damage and sloughing the outer layers that are caked in wax and product and are dry and damaged. LipSense and LipSense glosses can help heal damage but the dead skin will still have to come off, so your lips will peel as they heal.

How it works:  LipSense has medical grade alcohol in it. Not only does this help deposit the color, keep the color fresh in the tube, and bacteria free, it also helps exfoliates the lips over time which is great because it keeps your lips healthy just like facial exfoliators do.  But if you’re constantly wearing waxy products, the LipSense is busy working on that wax buildup instead of on your lips.  It’s not able to molecularly bond to your lips the way it should. If you are having trouble, give it two weeks. You may be resistant and tempted to use your old chapstick, but it will only prolong or permanently extend the process if you keep doing this. Maybe you’ll be one of the few who don’t go through – or go through minimal – exfoliation. I was not one, but it only took 1-2 weeks and every day was better than the last.

Trick 3: Don’t use any other type of gloss other than LipSense gloss on your LipSense – not even the SeneGence Lip Volumizer or Lip Balm! Only the LipSense glosses are designed to permeate the LipSense lip color and moisturize, and anything else will compromise your lip color and it won’t last as long and may even start to break or come off. LipSense & LipSense gloss are a team.


Trick 4: Gloss, Gloss, Gloss. Don’t underestimate re-glossing throughout the day and DEFINITELY don’t skip gloss after applying LipSense! When your three coats are dry, you’re going to seal your color and add some moisture back into the lips with your gloss, which permeates the lip color to bring moisture and healing Shea Butter & Vitamin E to your lips.  There is zero moisture in the color and it will feel tacky until you seal it with the gloss. That’s why you have to do the signature “lips apart” fish look while applying! Glossy Gloss is the most hydrating of all the glosses which is why it is recommended in your first LipSense Starter Kit. If you are a matte lipstick girl, you can always seal with Glossy Gloss and then add Matte on top! Also remember to gloss before and after you eat to create a buffer for your food and lengthen the life of your color.


Trick 5: Some LipSense colors will be more difficult to apply and may last different lengths of time. In general mattes last longer because they don’t have the friction of the mica shimmers in them from the shimmer and frost shades. Also, the thicker the formula of LipSense pigment the thicker the layers, which means it will be harder to attain the ideal three THIN layers. For these colors, leave extra drying time between layers, and apply even THINNER layers of the product (wipe off the applicator before applying). I have done this with tricky colors and it has doubled my wear time with them.

Trick 6: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Healthy, hydrated skin holds onto LipSense better.

Trick 7: This one isn’t actually a trick, but it is notable that people on medications may have their pH level affected, and thus their LipSense wear time affected. Different climates, humidity, and seasonal changes also may affect the dryness of your skin and therefore your LipSense, so keep your lips moisturized with the gloss.

Trick 8: Remove with Ooops! Color Remover only. If you’ve got your ear to the ground you know that some oils as well as glycerin soaps can take off LipSense, HOWEVER, these are not gentle and will dry out your lips, extending or re-starting your exfoliation process and potentially making your lips dry, uncomfortable, and cause them to burn. Ooops remover is the gentlest and safest way to remove your LipSense, helps clean up mistakes while applying, can even help get LipSense spills or swipes on clothes (helpful if you have a toddler like me!!!), and will remove your LipSense easily at the end of the day. It’s worth the $10 and mine lasted me a year!

That’s all the directions, tips and tricks I have for you, I hope this helps! It’s good to note that once you follow these your LipSense can last its longest and you shouldn’t have to re-apply to get 4-18 hours of wear. If you get great wear out of it and it still comes off in your waterline after several hours, you can wipe off your gloss to dry your lips, and reapply in your waterline. This will lengthen the wear and make the color look fresh for several more hours!

So now you know, go enjoy your LipSense! You can find our shop here – where you can find that next signature color!

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