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The Fast Start Program – And What It Can Do For You


Now more than ever it pays to be a SeneGence Distributor instead of a customer and here is why – the newly released Fast Start Program! The Fast Start Program is brand new this month and on top of being given amazing 20-50% wholesale discounts we distributors get, you also have the chance to earn up to $1,200 of free products!

When I joined SeneGence as a Distributor I did it because I wanted all the makeup – ALL THE MAKEUP – but I also had BIG dreams of earning a full-time income with the company’s compensation plan. So I started to stock up on a little bit of everything for myself, some popular LipSense shades for my future customers, and then I started to sell. And guys – I got a LOT of stuff for free. How? Yep, you guessed it. The Fast Start Program!

During SeneGence’s growing pains this last year the Fast Start Program was suspended, but it’s back now as of this month and all new distributors can take advantage of the awesome rewards the same way I did!

The Fast Start Program

The Fast Start Program helps new SeneGence distributors get over a thousand dollars’ worth of free products to use for display, testers, or for personal use within their first 90 days! That’s a lot of makeup & skincare ladies!

Here’s how it works:

  • Within your first 30 days or sooner from initiating your SeneGence business, place at least 1000 PV or more (cumulative) to reward yourself with SeneDerm Basic SkinCare & BodyCare products (valued at over $350). Choose your own basic skin care formula based on your skin type, including Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily, Dry, or Oily to Acne Skincare.
  • Within your first 60 days or sooner, place another 1000 PV to make your cumulative total of at least 2000 PV or more to receive a selection of SeneDerm Anti-Aging Products (valued at over $400).
  • Within your first 90 days or sooner, place another 1000 PV to make your cumulative total of at least 3000 PV or more total to achieve the highest reward tier, which includes SeneDerm Solutions products (valued at over $450).

Total set values will be as advertised. Any out-of-stock items included in each set will be substituted with the equal retail dollar in $eneBucks credit (store credit that you can use toward new products) to the qualifying distributor’s account.

What is PV?: PV stands for Point Value. It is the value given for a retail priced item because SeneGence does business in more than one country (USA, Australia, UK, and Canada) and it is a way to “even the playing field” for all distributors, everywhere. In the US, PV = $.5, ex. $50=25PV. So a 300pv order is $600. At 50% off, a 300pv order will cost $300 plus tax/shipping/handling.

Already a distributor but joined during the out of stock-pocalypse and didn’t have Fast Start Program available? Additionally, if you joined on or after February 18, 2017 through October 31, 2017, you are eligible to participate in the Fast Start Program beginning November 1, 2017!!! (I see you running to fill that cart, girl…)

The Fast Start Program is to enhance the opportunity for a new Distributor to get their SeneGence business off to a great start. However, it’s not the ONLY awesome benefit new distributors enjoy. There’s also the super amazing Jump Start Program!

Jump Start Program

Enjoy extra savings for 30 days with the Jump Start Program! You can enjoy a 50% discount on ALL personal 300 PV product orders for an entire month!

Here’s how:

All new Distributors:

You are eligible to receive 50% discount on all personal product orders* of 300 PV ($600 USD Retail) or more, for 30 days, starting on the day you join SeneGence.
New Distributor promotion qualification is based on a rolling 30 day period starting on your sign-up date.

* Applies to single orders over 300 PV only, with no limit on how many orders may be placed during promotion period. Standard shipping applies to all orders. Sales aids with no PV assigned do not count toward 300 PV requirement (ex: testers, kits, samples, etc.)

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

If you’re new to SeneGence, it will be easy (trust me!) to fill your cart with 300pv and get the 50% off (AKA $300 of free makeup!). However, the 1,000pv required to earn the first Fast Start Bonus may seem daunting to those who aren’t used to selling. No worries – seriously! There is a way to do it without breaking the bank. And that is the reason the program exists in the first place. It is an incentive to get the most products for yourself – and your customers – in the beginning and get rewarded for it! So, start by the SeneGence way – share share share! Sharing good news about your favorite beauty products is already something we do naturally with friends (or if you’re more extroverted – with strangers). So share your love of whatever you’re trying from SeneGence with your friends, family, and the people you meet. Share it on your social media, make yourself known with a facebook group or new business social accounts to grow your audience, and keep sharing your love and knowledge of the makeup and skincare. You will make sales, and you will order for yourself to try this amazing stuff – and before you know it, those Fast Start Rewards will be at your door!

Need a more personalized plan for success in your first 90 days? Gwen and I know how to do this thing and we’d love to share what we know with you! Sign up and join our amazing team of women and start using your 20-50% discount today, and start earning toward your Fast Start & Jump Start Bonuses!

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