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What to do After Becoming a SeneGence Distributor


What to do After Becoming a SeneGence Distributor…

If you’re wondering what to do after you become a SeneGence International Independent Distributor, gather in close.

SeneGence is in the business of anti-aging skincare and long lasting color cosmetics. It is the perfect fit for the online entrepreneur and beauty lover who loves sharing what she loves.

SeneGence is in the business of empowering other women to join the career of the future:  network marketing.

Making money online isn’t a myth, it isn’t magic, and it isn’t new anymore! It’s a simple formula of content marketing, branding, and persistence. Don’t know how? Well, that’s why I’m here as your Upline to help you with product knowledge and business support! Lucky you!

I’m not here to convert you to SeneGence as a career – the benefits of owning your own business speak for themselves, and also, it’s a topic for another PAGE. I’m here today to tell you…

Take advantage of the perks in your first 90 days!

IF you have choose to do this as the amazing business opportunity it is, your perks include:

  • Purchase of the Lips Kit (a small kit of 8 lip colors, gloss and applicators)
  • Purchase of the Glamour Kit (including a little bit of EVERYTHING SenseCosmetics)
  • The option to receive 50% off purchases of $600 of products at retail value
  • AND the option of earning $1,200 in FREE products through the Fast Start Program!

Why spend your money on these things? Because you’re a walking, talking testimony of these products, and sales is all about relationships you build sharing your testimony of these products with others. And because you’re going to want it all. These kits give you a way to afford a little bit of everything, for you and for your testers! Also, it’s a tax writeoff.

Explore your Distributor Kit

Your Distributor Kit will soon arrive in the mail. It will provide literature, a flash drive, and other product and business opportunity information—any and everything you’ll need to know as you begin! However, there is a wealth of information in the “Back Office” of the SeneGence website you can reach at https://www.senegence.com/SeneWeb/contact/distributor-login/

Look around the Distributor Back Office

Here you can get product knowledge, keep up with upcoming events, order products, and research business resources!


Coffee always helps.

Keep Your Healthy Obsession

I could look at lip colors for HOURS. And I still do! Pinterest is a really fun/addictive place to look up LipSense colors to see pictures of people wearing it. Stay motivated, stay educated, and ALWAYS KEEP LEARNING. There is SO much out there on YouTube alone about makeup it’s overwhelming but also, awesome.

Get Good at Content Marketing

Quickly after becoming an Independent Distributor myself, I realized I needed help. Wading through the advice of how to brand yourself, build your business online, and gain clients I realized that there was a TON of conflicting information out there, and I didn’t know how to filter any of it. Do I try to do a launch demo, spend on stock, and invite people over to my living room in hopes of sales? (tried this…it didn’t work). Do I stick photos on Pinterest with tons of hashtags so people can search for them? (spammy, and ineffective) Do I get a facebook group and invite all my friends? (do this and immediately find out that most people don’t want business and facebook to mix; in the eyes of your friends, you’re now a spammy spam lover)

So what DO you do? I got a SeneSite, a blog, some social media accounts, and then I hired an internet marketing coach.

pacific-northwestDavid Boozer, of davidboozer.com is a pacific northwest professional blogger, internet marketing coach, network marketer, and niche market expert who has built success for Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of individual clients, and himself for about a decade. He works to teach that there is no shame in asking for help!

Internet marketing coaches are excellent navigators of online business, personal branding, and marketing strategies that really work. They are there to teach you the basics of how to do it on your own, the right way, the first time, instead of preaching about how to get-rich-quick by paying for advertisements or online business plans and landing pages, promoting through only Facebook where people hate being marketed to and most groups don’t even allow it, and leads you right past those stupid videos of people fanning themselves with wads of money.

How does it work? They educate you on how to build your brand online by making good quality content, communicating it through platforms that people actually visit, and then sharing it to social media where people will learn to like you and thus, your product. Simple. Genius. And maintainable.

Start building your brand today.

Click Here to join my opportunity (& Type in my name Jade Faith or Distributor ID #206596).

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