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Beauty Queen Dreams Do Come True



As a little girl I made crowns out of construction paper, milk cartons, dandelions and daisies. All with the end-goal of promoting myself to Princess.

Now as a woman who has gone through four career changes before age 30 I believe I can put a name to what’s driven me from picking dandelions to picking careers.

I was on the Road to Royalty. Forget finding a frog prince, Prince Charming, or Prince William to sweep me into some fairytale life of luxury. I had #QueenGoals and however I got there, I was getting me there myself.

Without ever knowing it, I was reaching for the crown and slowly building myself up to be the person who was capable of building her own kingdom.


The Road to Royalty is paved in goals you can achieve one-by-one to rise in rank and, of course, accrue income as your team grows bigger.

Besides being a life-changing “promotion,” as an Independent Distributor you also get to share the wisdom and the wealth.

As SeneGence royalty other self-motivated women will join you and become part of your team, all with the exact same earning potential as you have.

It is a very powerful knowledge nugget that, in fact, we all only have 24 hours in a day.

How will you be spending yours:  acquiring wealth while satisfying your need for self-exploration and quality of life OR, vegging out to Netflix again?

The best part? You don’t have to compete in a beauty competition to be a Beauty Queen! SeneGence rank structure is named for royalty, starting with Maiden and ending with Queen.


Here’s a look-see:

·         MAIDEN


·         ROYAL

·         LADY

·         COUNTESS

·         DUCHESS

·         PRINCESS


·         QUEEN

And yes, you do get to wear a crown! (See a beautiful example of SeneGence royalty below).

Now you’re probably wondering:


Become SeneGence Royalty by building your team and teaching them to dream big! Don’t know how to do that? There are several conferences and training opportunities to educate, encourage, and inspire you to be a true Princess in thought, word, and deed.


You can get certified as a makeup artist, learn valuable product knowledge, become business savvy, and most importantly NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.

The supportive SeneSisterhood is famous for its lifelong bonds between wonderful women who truly live and breathe leadership. Here is a look at the EXACT training events for learning how to rise in rank.

  • PRINCESS IN TRAINING (PIT Stop) “Glam it Up” event

SeneGence throws a very special Princess in Training event twice a year! The first one is in January and it’s called “Glam it Up.” This specific event is for Maidens and above to get  business training on how to take your business to the next level by growing your team AS WELL AS some valuable SenseCosmetics application training. Pretty awesome combo, if you ask me.

  • PRINCESS IN TRAINING (PIT Stop) “M3” event

This is the second PIT Stop event and it takes place in July. Its full title is “Marketing, Social Media & Business Training” and it gives Independent Distributors with eyes on the crown a strategy to build and manage their business and team through online marketing management.

The training is taught by top Field Leaders, the VP of Distributor Development Leslie Boyd-Bradley, the SeneGence Marketing team, and even SeneGence CEO Joni Rogers-Kante herself. In other words, you can’t miss this training!

There really is an impressive amount of resources SeneGence gives you as an Independent Distributor to gain knowledge while you’re gaining experience, and as we all know, knowledge is power. Almost as powerful as ATTITUDE.


Successful people, if you haven’t noticed yet, are POSITIVE. They have the right attitude, they self-educate, and they surround themselves with like-minded, optimistic, driven, confident people. If you fill your head with fabulous thoughts and your life with optimistic people, the good is bound to grow.

As SeneGence founder and CEO Joni Rogers-Kante appropriately repeats, “Live life in love and abundance, and then work for it.”

You’ve got the right attitude. Now, the work begins. TO SUSTAIN IT. It’s too easy to slip into stress, depression, and old habits of procrastination and self-doubt.

The journey to self-discovery, this Road to Royalty, is NOT easy, but it is DEFINITELY DOABLE. So remind yourself every day of what motivates you, what goals you want to achieve, and then ACT toward them!

Look up inspirational quotes, find your favorites, and sticky-note them to your mirror. Live by them and watch your life transform. Here is a little trend to help you remember.



I don’t follow Instagram trends, but I am guilty of scrolling my life away on Pinterest and its glorious, Martha-Stewart-y goodness.hands

This is how I happened upon the Crown Tattoo trend. Apparently, it is an up-and-coming trend for women to tattoo small crowns on their bodies, with the intent to remind us to treat ourselves like the queens we are.

The movement began with @mrsconstancehall, soon to come out with her own book on female empowerment, relationships, body-image, and parenting called Like a Queen. Now this is a trend I can get on board with. I’m not saying go rush out to your nearest tattoo parlor (if you do that’s your own prerogative), but do take away the trend’s intent:


There’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself of that! I recommend doing it daily.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to REACH FOR THAT CROWN. Grab life by the Rubies and Join My Team! (Distributor ID #206596)

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