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An Opportunity Outline – Your Guide to Success in SeneGence


An Opportunity Outline – Your Guide to Success in SeneGence

Many professionals are seeing the potential in a home based businesses with SeneGence International. And it’s no surprise why. SeneGence has grown exponentially in the last year, and it is building toward its first billion dollar year this year. Women are jumping on this boat by the tune of about 1,000 per day. If you’re one who’s wondering, “what’s the appeal?” it’s because direct sales is a $30 billion industry and its rewards include financial freedom and the flexibility of running a business from home outside of the 9-5 daily grind.

It is a career that appeals to the entrepreneurial spirit, but the question now is:  how to begin?

How do you begin your home based business and position it for success? First, I’ll outline what a career in direct sales offers, and then give you some tips on how to set yourself up and set yourself apart to build a long-term residual income in this up-and-coming industry!

What Direct Sales Offers

There’s no interview:  the first biggest attraction of direct sales is that anyone can enter the field. You don’t have to have experience in sales – your personal testimony of the products will be your most valuable message. I know you’ve recommended your favorite products to your friends before – this is no different, except that it’s making you money.

Start-up costs are minimal:  for $55, you now own your own business as an independent distributor with SeneGence International, and can grow both an impressive makeup collection for yourself with your discounts, and grow a multi-million dollar team and earn residual income to set you up for life.

Freedom to set your own hours:  you can work when you want to work which means taking time off to travel or spend with your family or run your business from home. Your time is yours again! Direct sales flexibility is one of its best and most attractive rewards.

Earn what you’re worth:  network marketing is one of the few platforms in existence today in which you, the independent distributor, have the opportunity to capitalize on the creativity and productivity of the entrepreneurial spirit, earning what you are truly worth.

It can be fun:  build a team and enjoy a sisterhood which supports each other, teaches each other to grow, and takes trips and travels together! Network marketing can become such a beautiful platform to reach your potential in your new career, and the best part is that you’ll never be doing it alone!


What is the SeneGence International Business Opportunity?

SeneGence International offers you an opportunity to become a wholesale distributor of its patented, long-lasting color cosmetics and anti-aging skincare. As an independent distributor, you will be marketing this unique product line, which is 100% guaranteed. This company has hit sudden and explosive momentum recently and since the beginning of 2017 has grown 1500%, doubling the sales of last year in just the first quarter. SeneGence customers are amazing women that are truly eager to buy these products and become long-term loyal customers, most of whom also become wholesale distributors.

SeneGence has created a distributor opportunity that is as unique and as substantial as its products. It is a business opportunity through which you can build substantial residual income and a long-term future. Here are three main ways that SeneGence International crushes the competition:

Patented and Proprietary Product Technologies:  SeneGence wholesale distributors enjoy the benefit of selling highly unique, consumable, and guaranteed products that outperform their promises. For example, one tube of LipSense lip color lasts four times longer than a drugstore tube of lipstick, even if worn EVERY DAY.

Great Income Potential:  SeneGence offers a generous compensation plan that rewards your efforts. You have unlimited earning potential with downlines built as wide as you like. With a 70 percent payout through the first five levels and fantastic retail profits, it is one of the best commission plans in the industry.

Retail Sales of the Product:  The SeneGence line of products are unique, in huge demand, and highly consumable. Not only is there an income flow from initial product sales, but from reorders as well!


How Do I Make Money with SeneGence International?

As an Independent Distributor you have the ability to earn money quickly by means of three income streams: personal sales of the product line, commissions, and bonuses. The latter two are paid on orders placed by Distributors in their downline organization, going as deep as five levels.

Three avenues of income pay out immediately upon your retail selling and sponsoring efforts:

1) Retail Profits
2) Downline Commissions
3) Group Sales Volume Bonus

Even More Perks

Distributors are eligible to purchase products at a 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% discount level and immediately earn between 25% – 100% profit on their retail sales.

A SeneGence distributor may sell product via in-home or in-office demonstrations, privately-owned non-chain retail establishments, trade shows, and many more proven marketing techniques.

As an independent distributor you can approach beauty salons, nail salons, and lots more businesses which you can also sponsor as part of your downline.

The compensation plan pays out immediately upon selling and sponsoring efforts. It has no hidden breakage that is so common with other commission plans within the Network Marketing Industry.


How Do I Begin?

Starting a SeneGence business is a simple, low-cost way to be in business for yourself! A small, initial investment enables you to become a distributor. You receive a Distributor kit (which includes product testers, training materials, and supplies), and begin to purchase SeneGence products for resale at discounted rates.

The long and short of it is, it’s an opportunity that pays when you sell and also when you introduce others to the same opportunity and they sell. Position yourself for success right away and utilize your resources in your distributor kit and back office, use your upline for support, and get ready to explore different avenues of communication via social media to spread the word about your business! (Don’t know how? Consider getting a coach.) And most importantly, maintain that new-business drive excitement! No matter what happens the most important skill you’ll develop as an entrepreneur is your attitude, and its effects it will have on your customers and your team through thick and thin can not only benefit them, it can change lives – beginning with yours!

I’d love to be your guide to career success!

Get Started and Click Here to join our opportunity!

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