About Me

I cannot write about me as if my story was all intentionally lived out chapter-by-chapter. My life has been messier than that.

I have been a student, teacher, writer, wife, soldier, mother, and entrepreneur (in that order), and I’m not stopping here.

Corporate culture might title an appetite for change as ambition, but to me it is a restlessness to DO SOMETHING and to do it big. This drive has gotten me through every major life transition with the goal to improve myself and welcome challenges

At first, I was a student. Then I became a college teacher of writing. Then I got a job as a writer, married my husband, joined the Army, became a mother, and decided to leave to become an entrepreneur (all in short order).

About me. As a veteran, becoming an entrepreneur was a natural first step. I already had all the qualifiers. I pride myself in personal discipline and a developed sense of responsibility. I am task-driven, goal-oriented, and am disappointed with any result short of lofty (#princessgoals).

The willingness to serve my country meant moving to four states in the last three years alone. This blog is meant to be my constant home attached to home, where I can share my passion with others who are also looking for that bigger, better, beautiful life.

I’ve lead people through impossible and uncomfortable challenges, taught them to goal-set and organize their lives, and I can’t stop this dream-catching business because—well—it’s as addictive as it sounds. I have found that throughout my transitory life, empowering a team of beautiful, motivated women is what I’m built to do and I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney

I look forward to talking with you soon…