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How to Reach Your Potential in Network Marketing – and How to Win Your Dreams in 2017


How to Reach Your Potential in Network Marketing – and How to Win Your Dreams in 2017

Those who will win their dreams in 2017 are the ones who see their own potential.

Winners have the foresight and it’s not because they’re gifted, privileged, or possess skills that you don’t. They have one simple four-letter word burned into their brain, a word they fall to sleep thinking about:  HOPE.

The best part is, we all have hope. What we don’t all have is the belief that we’ll achieve the future we’re hoping for. So what are the steps? How do you win, right now, right here, in 2017? Here’s the answer:  let hope be your cheerleader and the game network marketing. It’s a simple combination of both in order to win.

You have unlimited potential. Whoever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I know that you can think, and do bigger things. You’re capable of moving mountains and achieving your dreams. And you’re capable of doing that starting today. How?

How to Win Your Dreams in 2017 – Eliminate Fear and Conquer Hesitation

Imagine, for a moment, that you believe that you can do it. Imagine that you will not fail. I can tell you for a fact because people more powerful, influential, and affluent than me have all had this same thing to say: hesitation is the killer of dreams. If you don’t believe me, please see this video by Mel Robbins explaining the devastating effect hesitation has on us all, and how hesitation is a trick our brains play on us.

Every personality test I’ve ever taken, including the one the Army makes you take during resiliency training, has told me that my greatest strength is caution and prudence. I know for a fact that this is the filter through which I’ve lived my entire life. And I also know for a fact that it is NOT a strength. My caution was the obstacle which I placed between me and my potential success because I was afraid.

I feared a negative outcome, I feared what others would think, I feared how I appeared too passive or too aggressive or too needy. I wanted to be strong, confident, reliable, and intelligent. Especially among my mostly male peers. God forbid my actions, words, or worse–the plans I set out for my soldiers–led to anything but well-executed, praise-worthy success. And here’s what I learned from living like this for the first three decades of my life:

Hesitation is fear, and fear is the killer of dreams.

I can’t believe I honestly thought that learning to predict negative outcomes and preventing them was a skill! It isn’t a skill at all, it’s a devastating, reactive way to live. It is feeding the hesitation which is killing our dreams, our potential, and our hope.

We are learning to avoid failure while guaranteeing it because our hesitation convinces us that we’re fine if we don’t have it. Life is about inspiration, it’s about living intentionally and never letting a day go by without improving. If we live by this mantra not only will you see success, you’ll do what network marketers do best — you’ll duplicate, and by ripple effect others will begin to build their dreams, too.

How to Reach Your Potential in Network Marketing – Network Marketing Pros Never Stop Educating Themselves

How? Learn something new and better yourself every day. There is no excuse for this! I guarantee each and every one of us is already spending hours on our phones each day watching videos on things we find amusing or pretty or just allows us a few minutes to numb our brains and forget the stresses of our reality. Do not undersell the importance of positive thinking in network marketing.

…Why can’t we spend this time instead learning how to build our business, follow our passions, or better yet, OUTPUT content that just may inspire others to change their lives instead of being consumers looking at life through a window?looking-at-life-through-the-window

Winners don’t look at life through the window.

Network Marketing Professionals Have Their “Why” Established

Winners aren’t passive. They don’t live by fear. They have HOPE for the future and they’re living the life they want to because they see their own potential. If you don’t see your own potential, allow me.

You’re worth it, you can achieve your dreams, and it isn’t in place of someone else.

Because in network marketing there is room for EVERYONE to succeed.

Consumerism isn’t going to be tapped out. People aren’t going to stop using products because too many people are selling. In fact, network marketing businesses and direct sales companies are growing like crazy while traditional businesses are going under because the market is in personalized service, customizable products, and the freedom and independence of working for yourself.

I hope – Nope, I believe – that you can achieve your potential alongside me.

Take life by the crown, and don’t be afraid to ask others to do the same.

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