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How Do You Make Sales as a SeneGence Distributor?

How Do You Make Sales as a SeneGence Distributor?

How do you make sales as a SeneGence Distributor? There are several ways you can have customers pay for their products, and it’s tied to how they order it. So a discussion of how people pay you is the same as how do people order through you.

There are several ways you can get product to customers and have them pay you.

  1. Order Product Yourself

Through the Back Office under Order and Product, have it shipped to you (using YOUR card) and then once it arrives, ship it or bring it to your customers. This is also how you order for yourself now.

How do they pay? – I do charge shipping if I ship it, but not if I order it and bring it to them in person. You can collect payment through cash, check, PayPal, or Square. You can accept payments through PayPal or Square straight to your bank account from your phone, and if you want you can choose to purchase a card reader (there is a free one from Square that does swipe cards and one that costs money that reads chips and apple pay).

make-a-saleThis is the easiest way to order/accept payment.

Why? Because it is easiest to take a lot of orders at once. This way if you are ordering in bulk, and/or stocking up to sell it after, and you get more discount buying in larger amounts and therefore make more commission.

This way, you can make 50% commission!

In your first 90 days, if you order this way and have product on hand to sell to customers and purchase $600 (meaning this amount is in your cart) you’ll notice that it discounts it 50%, meaning you receive $300 off. This is for EVERY time you order more than $600 in your first 90 days, not just once. Also, if you spend more than $600, let’s say you put $1,000 in your cart at once, you’d still get 50% (in this case $500) off. Meaning, it doesn’t HAVE to be $600 in your cart, it can be more and you’d still get the 50%. So if you’re purchasing for yourself, that’s 50% off. If you’re purchasing stock you’re selling to others, that’s 50% commission you’re making. Pretty cool. After your first 90 days, a $600 cart amount still gets you 40% off.

2. Demo Drop Ship

You can order in the Back Office under Demo Drop Ship and have it shipped directly to your customer for exactly what they order. However, this uses YOUR card, not theirs. They’d still have to pay you some other way (Square or Paypal are easy options). Also, to ship it to them you have to add them as a customer in your back office, which means you’ll need some of their basic info.


3. Customer Direct Order

Customers can go straight to the SeneGence website under Customer Buy Now and order. This is called Customer Direct Order and they do it using your Distributor ID and your name. They use THEIR card and have it directly shipped to them. Keep in mind, with this option SeneGence takes 10% of your commission for their trouble, meaning you’d only be getting 10% of the order rather than 20%. To do this you have to OPT IN to Customer Direct Order. To do this go to the Back Office, click Business, Distributor Profile, Update Distributor Profile, and click “I Want to Participate in CDO” and fill out your info.


4. SeneSite Orders

You can purchase a SeneSite if you choose. This is essentially a personal landing page embedded in the SeneGence website so people can look you up by searching their zip code for distributors, then click on Shop Now to order through the SeneGence website and it directs them to pay through your paypal where you get 20%. Take a look at mine for an example:  https://www.senegence.com/JadeFaith

Keep in mind with this option you’d get a message that someone paid, and you’d have to still either use Order and Product and ship it to yourself and then them, or use Demo Drop Ship directly to them. Also, the SeneSite costs $300 per year or smaller amounts for monthly or several months, but charges a setup fee. Essentially, this option is a great investment to direct online customers or friends and family who want to shop around without contacting you directly, but isn’t necessary if you are taking orders and placing purchases yourself for people, where you can utilize options 1 through 3.

What Method of Ordering Do Isenegence-products Suggest?

I recommend ordering some stock to have on hand and promote what you have to make sales. Having stock on hand is having the customer in mind. This way not only do your customers get their product faster, you have the popular products which may be out of stock at the warehouse, you’re also making the most commission because you ordered ahead of time, in bulk, in your first 90 days – getting 50% off!

ALSO, take as many of your customers’ orders of products you don’t have on hand all at once under option 1 to save you on shipping and make the most commission. This way you can also personalize all your products with your personal sticker label with your re-order info on it, and include a Beauty Book and thank you note.

If this isn’t doable because people are ordering at different times or not enough to order in bulk, I recommend option 2 using Demo Drop Ship, which will ship directly to them and then collecting payment for it in person, through Square, or through PayPal BEFORE you order.


I am happy to be your personal SeneGence Distributor! Click on My Shop to order now. Know you’ll love it? Let’s get you started by subscribing to my newsletter, where I’ll show you how you can start ordering at wholesale today, and taking orders yourself!

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