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Why Choose a Career in Direct Sales


Why choose a career in direct sales? There are a lot of career options out there, but direct sales could be your dream job and here’s how.

Direct Sales is a flexible and lucrative career option that catches attention as a great wealth-generator because in direct sales, your efforts DO equate income.  Contemplating a career change? Once you examine what your needs are and weigh them in with your wants, you can really get a better grasp on what career field is a good fit.

Here are the common criteria you should consider.

  • Growth:  what is the future career growth potential?
  • Stability:  what is the durability of this career?
  • Location:  where will the job be located?
  • Flexibility:  what is the flexibility of location, hours, and time off?
  • Travel:  how often and where does it travel?
  • Comprehension:  how long will it take to learn this new career?

Where does direct sales come into the equation? And how does SeneGence stack up to this expectation? It’s a great answer to ALL of these criteria. And here’s how.

GROWTH:  Direct Sales has an UNLIMITED amount of potential growth. Let’s ingest that information for a second. This is not something that ANY other profession can say. Since you work for yourself, you are not limited to a set salary, and even your commission is not limited to a certain percentage of your sales.

Here’s how it works:  commissions come in from your personal sales AS WELL AS the sales of your team.

  • Team Sales Commission:  Your team can earn you commission through sales from those who have directly signed up beneath you (called your First Line Distributors).
  • Group Sales Commission:  Your team can earn you a group commission through those who have signed up beneath you several levels down the line (called your Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Line Distributors), given that you have at least 5 people on each level. This provides you with several streams of passive income, meaning you’re not directly hustling to make the commissions, your team is doing it for you.

How SeneGence Stacks Up:  SeneGence is not just growing. It’s BOOMING. Independent Distributors are eclipsing sales from last year. In November alone, they outsold the numbers from the entire year of 2012 in four days. On December 1, 2016 U.S. sales outdid the entire month of December 2015 by 50% in one day.


The durability of direct sales is impressive, and that’s why this career hasn’t just stuck around, it’s been a wealth-generator for over fifty years. Like any career choice in sales, however, direct sales is tied to your efforts. If you are persistently marketing yourself, creating good content advertising, getting your name out there and promoting your products, when the sales start coming in you will be hugely rewarded for it. On the contrary, if you stay a consumer of social media and the products themselves without making efforts to promote your products, train your team, and educate yourself, you will watch potential income pass you by. Stay proactive and this career can carry you through any economic rise or fall.

How SeneGence Stacks Up: SeneGence has been around since April 1999 (17 years) and remains a privately owned company. Its independent sales network began by promoting its premier product, LipSense, with only 6 colors, one moisturizing gloss, and a color remover and even with this limited variety sold by the millions. Now a successful global company, SeneGence operates in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, and regions around the globe. Since its 6-color-conception the company has added a complete line of long-lasting cosmetics, anti-aging skincare products, and a lip color count hovering around 80 and are selling so well, the company is adding a new distribution center just to keep it all in stock!


Direct Sales is designed with the home-based entrepreneur in mind. You can sell, promote, train, and learn this career from the comfort of your own home. There is no school to attend, office building to report to, or 9-5 cubicle with your name on it. Though direct sales CAN be done through home parties, it can and does operate its best by its nature in network marketing, which operates by word of mouth, telephone, and the awesome platform of the internet. Internet marketing is not just a tool, it is the way successful careers in direct sales are built. Why? Because when people are looking for products or even before they’re looking for products they’re looking for solutions to problems – by searching online. Your product/career/service could be the answer. So why not be searchable?

career-in-direct-salesHow SeneGence Stacks Up:  SeneGence Independent Distributors essentially own their own business. As long as you don’t use their copyrighted material as your own and you follow the law, your business is your business to run. This means that you can promote yourself online through a blog, YouTube channel, social media platform, FaceBook group/page, and drive traffic to your online SeneSite shop (purchased through your back office) where customers can buy the products.

SeneGence can also be sold in its original platform – through home parties where you “demo” the product, show customers the beauty book, have them try out the product, take their orders, and have a “hostess” host the party for product discounts given to them by the company itself.

SeneGence can also be sold through you, by a salon or boutique. A privately owned salon or boutique can become one of your down line distributors and purchase their own stock for testers, display, and stock to sell as well as take their own orders through the site and have them delivered for customers to pick up, just like you would do with your own sales. Do you own your own salon or boutique? Even better for you! This is an awesome way to make a steady stream of side income, owner or not.


Direct Sales does not require a set amount of hours. You are not hourly or salaried. Essentially, you are commissioned as well as an independent business owner. You can make this your hobby, second job, full time job, or just build it, maintain it when you can, and watch it earn a residual income. It’s up to you. Direct sales is, however, fitted best with someone who has a hunger for success and likes to see the sweat of their own labor come to fruition in the form of high income potential. Because direct sales is flexible to your schedule, efforts DO equate outcome, and the more time and educated effort you put to it, the better chance it has of earning the kind of income you want to see.

How SeneGence Stacks Up:  SeneGence is a flexible career choice that has been chosen by stay-at-home moms, career women, small business owners, and saleswomen alike as their dream job. It was created with women in mind, meaning since its conception it was built to have quality products as well as a quality career option for those who want work to fit around their lives, not have to fit their lives around their work. This is proven by the fact that there is no expectation of sales and no penalty for less or no sales. But if you DO make sales in high numbers and stay consistent, the earning potential through commissions and the rewards put in place for its independent distributors make for a pretty awesome career.


Direct Sales is a home-based career. It does not require you to travel. That was a quick answer!

How SeneGence Stacks Up: SeneGence does not require its independent distributors to travel. However, if you’d like to attend trainings there are several education-packed options for you to learn the products and career opportunity, and even to become a certified makeup artist. And then, of course, there’s the yearly seminar in April, an extravagant event where new products launch, expert-led training is given, and all the new royalty is crowned!


Direct sales is learned at your own pace. Each person is different. There is no set amount of time that it will take you to learn this career, or to get good at it. Just like becoming a small business owner, you kind of have to jump in with both feet and learn as you go! There will always be product knowledge materials to learn, selling techniques to master, and networking, networking, networking to do! The work is endless and FUN and there is always something new to learn. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know your products and career enough. Keep learning, and you’ll keep loving what you do!

How SeneGence Stacks Up:  The only thing you need to know to be an independent distributor of SeneGence is how to use the products well and how to be a good advocate of the career. SeneGence gives you everything you need to know about beginning the career opportunity in your New Distributor Kit, which comes with the $55 starting cost. In this kit you’ll receive founder and CEO Joni Rogers-Kante’s book Million Dollar Lips, a flash drive with product knowledge and business materials, and dvds and pamphlets about how to build your stock, make first sales, and demo the products. The Back Office, which you can log into once you become an independent distributor, also has dozens of webinars, training materials, the product knowledge guide, events calendar, policies & procedures, ways to order & ship, success stories, testimonials, and business materials suggestions – pretty much everything you’ll need! Still have questions? That’s what our Upline is for! Contact your sponsor (Me) and ask away.

Taking all of these criteria into consideration, you can see why direct sales has come out the winner to many seeking to change their career. It has awesome growth potential, its success is determined by your efforts, and it fits around your life, not vice versa. So if you’re thinking about it already, you’re not going to STOP thinking about it. Why? Because the self-motivated will always be looking for avenues of self-improvement, and direct sales offers them that in the form of job satisfaction. Is this you? Then let me be the one to tell you that SeneGence as a career opportunity stacks up pretty well next to direct sales career expectations, and I’d love to be your guide to career success.

Get Started with my free opportunity video and then Click Here to join my opportunity! (& Type in my name Jade Faith or Distributor ID #206596)


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